Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Making Strides.

As the train whizzed past I watched the paddy fields with interest. It was long since I had boarded a train. I found much to my chagrin open defecating still existed in a big way in the rural terrain. Nehru called it shining bottoms. We have been striving to put an end to open defecation since independence and the last few years we see some progress. Open defecation can lead to a lot of health issues so it is important to give it a lot of serious thought. Under the new government a lot of strides have been taken to put a end to this nuisance. In the last two years a lot of public lavoratories have been built under the Swach Bharat mission. Narendra Modi has also set the campaign off handsomely by making the offense punishable by paying fines in a town in the northern parts of India.The government is ready to sanction e toilets for the use of the public. Other than builting toilets the government needs to change the mind set of the people. It will certainly be a dream come true if we could totally eradicate the problem like Bangladesh has.   

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Winds of Change.

Its almost fifty nine years since India attained Independence. We see change everywhere. Society has also changed drastically specially since the emergence of nuclear families. Indian society has certainly seen a drastic change in the twenty first century. With the role of women becoming stronger the male role has undergone a change. With working women on the rise men are also meeting the emotional needs in a big way. Suddenly Daddies seem to be pitching in a big way They are becoming young girls confidantes. I really love the new Daddy role. They seem to be at the beck and call of the children and seem to donning the chef hat better. More so they seem to don the female role better. With girls doing better professionally and assuming leadership roles it looks like they may be a role reversal . Egos are forgotten. The person who emerges stronger is the leader whether it is the home or hearth.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Combing Seashells

The summer holidays yawned. All of us lead such busy lives. For us, as a career couple, the holidays are the only time to beat the blues. Every year these holidays taken by us are serotonin boosters and bring us back all dewy eyed. I remember that particular holiday to Goa five years back which we really enjoyed. We loved the sea and felt that a holiday by the beach would set at ease our frayed nerves. The whole trip was fun. We loved shopping for our swimming gear. Our new swim suits were really trendy. Swimming would take off the flab and bring us back to shape. Our Jet Airways flight was through Bangalore where we took the connecting flight to Goa. We used Jet Airways Web check-in. We were booked at Sterling Resorts. I remember the lovely quaint cottages where we stayed. The cottages were really picturesque with ivy growing on the walls. We could see the sea from the window of the cottage. The first day we just relaxed and enjoyed the sea air. The cuisine at the restaurant was amazing. Being an amateur nutritionist myself I am always careful with our food choices when we are on holidays. We go in for the non greasy stuff and we stick to the rotis and a vegetable gravy. Our children love to be adventurous at the food table and we leave them by saying our silent prayers. I remember starting our days with coffee at the beach watching the sunrise. Those moments were really rejuvenating and lifted the senses. The whiff of the sea air, the aroma of fresh coffee while sitting on those lilo chairs seemed our perfect holiday. All of us had fun swimming wearing our new swim suits. Para sailing and whitewater rafting brought out the seafarer in us. With the wind on our faces, we enjoyed Goa at its best. I remember our times that we had at the massage parlor. It soothed our tired muscles and brought the glow back to our cheeks The churches at Goa were really wonderful. I loved the Gothic architecture and the stained windows. Some days we spent playing a quiet game of billiards. The getogether arranged by the resort were really good and we got to meet a lot of interesting people. We would spent our evenings on long walks. Our trips to the town were really fun and we enjoyed shopping. I remember us getting colorful bandanas and taking pictures with them. That really set us laughing as we looked like pirates. The last day was memorable with a gypsy reading our palms. We boarded the flight dreamy and fresh after the holiday. The sea air had really done us good and we felt ready to face the year with a hint of steel. The holiday had been perfect. A holiday by the beach does away with Monday morning blues and adds rapture to the senses and figment to the imagination. The trip was a real ice breaker and brought the sea farer in us and we felt refreshed.


Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Winner takes it all.

Since Independence India has really made remarkable improvements in all fields. Call it the efforts of our leaders or the effects of Globalization. Our prime minister is also doing an excellent job with all his social welfare at women empowerment and aiming for a cleaner India. Our society has emerged stronger giving away to a lot of false beliefs. Chennai has changed a lot and we can hardly compare it to the city of yesteryear. Chennai is a wonderful bustling hub to live in today with its sprawling malls and the much talked about metro, We can almost compare our skycrapers \and downtown to the cities in the United States. Education as well as capable leadership has lead us to where we are Today. We seem so advanced technologically that the cell phone has almost reached the layman. Our railway terminals will soon have free wifi connectivity. Tamil Nadu seems highly educated compared to the rest of India and so on this eve of the elections the people will have to make a sensible choice to keep the state in the map as forerunner and winner. Jayalalitha has done a lot of good in the last few years and her Amma canteen is something to be applauded. She seems strong and an epitome of. all modern India. Her freebies will be appealing for the  hungry younger generation. The DMK seems to concentrate more on healthcare and education. In the last sixty nine years since independence Chennai has seen a bevy of ministers and flourished from the ramparts of fort St George to the metropolitan it is Today. I am proud to be a Chennaiite and on this eve of the elections I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope our people will select an able leader who will continue to keep us in the road to progress.     

Friday, 6 May 2016

Baby Blues

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman's life. Anew baby can strength the bond of marriage and bring more sunshine to the relationship. For a new mother specially it is an entirely new experience as her body goes through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. Its a family affair and she gets advise from her near and dear. When I was pregnant with my first child I lived in the United States. I lived away from home and I sailed through the nine months with advise from the doctor. My husband and I lived through the novelty of the experience and enjoyed and cherished every moment of those nine months. Being an educated mom I realized the importance of nutrition and ate very healthy food throughout the nine months. We exclaimed at the physical signs in the body with joy specially when the first bump appeared. The Ultrasounds were also very exciting as we were able to view our baby on the screen and see that little life all alive and swimming in the amniotic fluid.. We treasured the pictures of the ultrasound and filed them. We listened to the doctors advise and followed instructions to the core as we wanted a healthy baby. By my fifth month I was a nice rounded figure looking very much a pregnant mom. I would feel an adrenaline rush when my husband stroked my bump possessively.. Our love for each other deepened with each month of the pregnancy with new discoveries. As the months passed I had a healthy flush and my complexion glowed.. I found it difficult to get into my pregnancy clothes and I had to go maternity shopping. As the pregnancy progressed we lay in bed thinking whether it would a boy or girl. I wanted to do the nursery in blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl.. By the eighth month we decided on the baby names. Our baby shower given by our friends was very exciting and we enjoyed all the attention.. We were given useful products like a diaper bag clothes and a stroller. Every thing seemed so perfect. We took long walks together so that the delivery would be normal. When I came home tired from the walk my husband would have a hot meal ready for me. The months flew by and ten days before the delivery I was all prepared with my overnight and also my camera to get my first pictures of the baby. I looked beautiful except for the stretch marks which I hoped would disappear with usage of bio oil. A first pregnancy is indeed a memorable and enjoyable one.

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Monday, 2 May 2016

Six Yards of Grace!

 My daughter was seated near me with her thigh revealed wearing a pair of shorts. I am wearing a  cooton selvar kameez. The role of Indian Women have changred over the years and so have their clothes. We are not too rigid anymore. We are becoming open to a little display of bosom or thigh.  .My grandmother always was drapped in a sari abd never wore a nightgown.  Even in the hot sweltering nights she would never change to something more comfortable. Twenty to thirty years back a womens modesty was a big issue. Though the Indian woman is into a lot of western attire the love for the six yards of grace "The Sari" is still there. Though the Kanchivarams are going out of vougue we are going in for more non tradotional ones. Despite globilisation the six metres of grace still holds a place in our hearts and adds an ethnic charm to our waedrobe. The beautiful sari is being worn with blouses that are ornate or leave little to the imagination. Thus it  looks like the sari will con tinue to be the favourite attire in our weddings. Even Michelle Obama seems to love the charm of it and seeems to be the brand ambassador of a costume so chic and ethnic.   .  

Women Leaders.

Women! they form the heart of every family whether they be mother or sisters. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Also ambitious women have successful children. Vishwanath Anand's mother was his mentor so was kokilaban for her successful sons. Our myths had their share of women right from Rani Jahansi Bhai to Draupadi. But the twentieth century fianally saw the true emergence of women power and women in a lot of leadership roles. Indira Gandhi, Magaret Thatcher were all women who were very good leaders. Su kyii is also admirable. In the international arena I see a very dynamic leader in Hillary clinton who seems to be an equal competitor for Donald Trump. West Bengal has advanced a lot in the last five years because of  Mamata Banerjee.  Jayalalitha has done a lot for TamilNadu by introducing the noon meal scheme and the subsidised Amma canteens.
Indian women are no longer seen as doormats but they have an individuality of their own. The Indian women is almost loosing its femme fatale status and we see a lot of feminism. Call it the influence of education. The present generation chooses carrer over marriage. This shows how independent the Indian women are getting to be. We are very pale shadows of what our grandmothers were. Women are better multitaskers and better than their male counter parts in a lot of things. Looking at the battle of the sexes the women folk seem to be winning. Soon the males have to keep the ego aside and listen to their women folks.. .  .    . .