Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Combing Seashells

The summer holidays yawned. All of us lead such busy lives. For us, as a career couple, the holidays are the only time to beat the blues. Every year these holidays taken by us are serotonin boosters and bring us back all dewy eyed. I remember that particular holiday to Goa five years back which we really enjoyed. We loved the sea and felt that a holiday by the beach would set at ease our frayed nerves. The whole trip was fun. We loved shopping for our swimming gear. Our new swim suits were really trendy. Swimming would take off the flab and bring us back to shape. Our Jet Airways flight was through Bangalore where we took the connecting flight to Goa. We used Jet Airways Web check-in. We were booked at Sterling Resorts. I remember the lovely quaint cottages where we stayed. The cottages were really picturesque with ivy growing on the walls. We could see the sea from the window of the cottage. The first day we just relaxed and enjoyed the sea air. The cuisine at the restaurant was amazing. Being an amateur nutritionist myself I am always careful with our food choices when we are on holidays. We go in for the non greasy stuff and we stick to the rotis and a vegetable gravy. Our children love to be adventurous at the food table and we leave them by saying our silent prayers. I remember starting our days with coffee at the beach watching the sunrise. Those moments were really rejuvenating and lifted the senses. The whiff of the sea air, the aroma of fresh coffee while sitting on those lilo chairs seemed our perfect holiday. All of us had fun swimming wearing our new swim suits. Para sailing and whitewater rafting brought out the seafarer in us. With the wind on our faces, we enjoyed Goa at its best. I remember our times that we had at the massage parlor. It soothed our tired muscles and brought the glow back to our cheeks The churches at Goa were really wonderful. I loved the Gothic architecture and the stained windows. Some days we spent playing a quiet game of billiards. The getogether arranged by the resort were really good and we got to meet a lot of interesting people. We would spent our evenings on long walks. Our trips to the town were really fun and we enjoyed shopping. I remember us getting colorful bandanas and taking pictures with them. That really set us laughing as we looked like pirates. The last day was memorable with a gypsy reading our palms. We boarded the flight dreamy and fresh after the holiday. The sea air had really done us good and we felt ready to face the year with a hint of steel. The holiday had been perfect. A holiday by the beach does away with Monday morning blues and adds rapture to the senses and figment to the imagination. The trip was a real ice breaker and brought the sea farer in us and we felt refreshed.


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