Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Making Strides.

As the train whizzed past I watched the paddy fields with interest. It was long since I had boarded a train. I found much to my chagrin open defecating still existed in a big way in the rural terrain. Nehru called it shining bottoms. We have been striving to put an end to open defecation since independence and the last few years we see some progress. Open defecation can lead to a lot of health issues so it is important to give it a lot of serious thought. Under the new government a lot of strides have been taken to put a end to this nuisance. In the last two years a lot of public lavoratories have been built under the Swach Bharat mission. Narendra Modi has also set the campaign off handsomely by making the offense punishable by paying fines in a town in the northern parts of India.The government is ready to sanction e toilets for the use of the public. Other than builting toilets the government needs to change the mind set of the people. It will certainly be a dream come true if we could totally eradicate the problem like Bangladesh has.   

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