Friday, 6 May 2016

Baby Blues

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman's life. Anew baby can strength the bond of marriage and bring more sunshine to the relationship. For a new mother specially it is an entirely new experience as her body goes through a lot of changes both physically and mentally. Its a family affair and she gets advise from her near and dear. When I was pregnant with my first child I lived in the United States. I lived away from home and I sailed through the nine months with advise from the doctor. My husband and I lived through the novelty of the experience and enjoyed and cherished every moment of those nine months. Being an educated mom I realized the importance of nutrition and ate very healthy food throughout the nine months. We exclaimed at the physical signs in the body with joy specially when the first bump appeared. The Ultrasounds were also very exciting as we were able to view our baby on the screen and see that little life all alive and swimming in the amniotic fluid.. We treasured the pictures of the ultrasound and filed them. We listened to the doctors advise and followed instructions to the core as we wanted a healthy baby. By my fifth month I was a nice rounded figure looking very much a pregnant mom. I would feel an adrenaline rush when my husband stroked my bump possessively.. Our love for each other deepened with each month of the pregnancy with new discoveries. As the months passed I had a healthy flush and my complexion glowed.. I found it difficult to get into my pregnancy clothes and I had to go maternity shopping. As the pregnancy progressed we lay in bed thinking whether it would a boy or girl. I wanted to do the nursery in blue if it was a boy and pink if it was a girl.. By the eighth month we decided on the baby names. Our baby shower given by our friends was very exciting and we enjoyed all the attention.. We were given useful products like a diaper bag clothes and a stroller. Every thing seemed so perfect. We took long walks together so that the delivery would be normal. When I came home tired from the walk my husband would have a hot meal ready for me. The months flew by and ten days before the delivery I was all prepared with my overnight and also my camera to get my first pictures of the baby. I looked beautiful except for the stretch marks which I hoped would disappear with usage of bio oil. A first pregnancy is indeed a memorable and enjoyable one.

I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the#YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.


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