Monday, 2 May 2016

Six Yards of Grace!

 My daughter was seated near me with her thigh revealed wearing a pair of shorts. I am wearing a  cooton selvar kameez. The role of Indian Women have changred over the years and so have their clothes. We are not too rigid anymore. We are becoming open to a little display of bosom or thigh.  .My grandmother always was drapped in a sari abd never wore a nightgown.  Even in the hot sweltering nights she would never change to something more comfortable. Twenty to thirty years back a womens modesty was a big issue. Though the Indian woman is into a lot of western attire the love for the six yards of grace "The Sari" is still there. Though the Kanchivarams are going out of vougue we are going in for more non tradotional ones. Despite globilisation the six metres of grace still holds a place in our hearts and adds an ethnic charm to our waedrobe. The beautiful sari is being worn with blouses that are ornate or leave little to the imagination. Thus it  looks like the sari will con tinue to be the favourite attire in our weddings. Even Michelle Obama seems to love the charm of it and seeems to be the brand ambassador of a costume so chic and ethnic.   .  

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