Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Winner takes it all.

Since Independence India has really made remarkable improvements in all fields. Call it the efforts of our leaders or the effects of Globalization. Our prime minister is also doing an excellent job with all his social welfare at women empowerment and aiming for a cleaner India. Our society has emerged stronger giving away to a lot of false beliefs. Chennai has changed a lot and we can hardly compare it to the city of yesteryear. Chennai is a wonderful bustling hub to live in today with its sprawling malls and the much talked about metro, We can almost compare our skycrapers \and downtown to the cities in the United States. Education as well as capable leadership has lead us to where we are Today. We seem so advanced technologically that the cell phone has almost reached the layman. Our railway terminals will soon have free wifi connectivity. Tamil Nadu seems highly educated compared to the rest of India and so on this eve of the elections the people will have to make a sensible choice to keep the state in the map as forerunner and winner. Jayalalitha has done a lot of good in the last few years and her Amma canteen is something to be applauded. She seems strong and an epitome of. all modern India. Her freebies will be appealing for the  hungry younger generation. The DMK seems to concentrate more on healthcare and education. In the last sixty nine years since independence Chennai has seen a bevy of ministers and flourished from the ramparts of fort St George to the metropolitan it is Today. I am proud to be a Chennaiite and on this eve of the elections I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope our people will select an able leader who will continue to keep us in the road to progress.     

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