Monday, 2 May 2016

Women Leaders.

Women! they form the heart of every family whether they be mother or sisters. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Also ambitious women have successful children. Vishwanath Anand's mother was his mentor so was kokilaban for her successful sons. Our myths had their share of women right from Rani Jahansi Bhai to Draupadi. But the twentieth century fianally saw the true emergence of women power and women in a lot of leadership roles. Indira Gandhi, Magaret Thatcher were all women who were very good leaders. Su kyii is also admirable. In the international arena I see a very dynamic leader in Hillary clinton who seems to be an equal competitor for Donald Trump. West Bengal has advanced a lot in the last five years because of  Mamata Banerjee.  Jayalalitha has done a lot for TamilNadu by introducing the noon meal scheme and the subsidised Amma canteens.
Indian women are no longer seen as doormats but they have an individuality of their own. The Indian women is almost loosing its femme fatale status and we see a lot of feminism. Call it the influence of education. The present generation chooses carrer over marriage. This shows how independent the Indian women are getting to be. We are very pale shadows of what our grandmothers were. Women are better multitaskers and better than their male counter parts in a lot of things. Looking at the battle of the sexes the women folk seem to be winning. Soon the males have to keep the ego aside and listen to their women folks.. .  .    . . 

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