Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Education at what cost?

The parent is the first teacher of the child. The literacy level in our country has certainly gone up. The effects of the British rule is still seen in India. The Indians are known for their excellent knowledge of the English Language and communication skills which takes them far and wide. We have progressed a lot in the field of education. We have some excellent schools catering to different boards. We are going overboard in our expenses over education. But is it really going to pay us back? People from middle class families are sending their children abroad for undergraduate studies. It certainly seems unbelievable! But are people thinking with their heads! Education in foreign countries leads to heavy student loans which can even last a lifetime. This in turn can upset the financial stability of the country. Harvard, Princeton. Yale! Its time students woke up and realized that flaunting degrees from these Ivy Leagues is useless unless we dream really big. It time people wake up to the fact that a moderate education is sufficient. Emotional intelligence is what makes organisations work. There are success stories of start ups run by people having sufficient emotional intelligence. It has become almost the pride and fashion of every other household to boast that their child is at a foreign university. So its high time for us Indians to think before going with the tide.

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