Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Living for Today.

Neither Buddha or his followers had time for notion of an afterlife.  Normally we are compulsively picking over the past in order to learn lessons from it and we delve into a hypothetical future so that these lessons can be applied. The present is never there. Zen Buddhism is living fully in the present. I think most of us are grasping this culture well  and living a full life with what is important to us.  The  Gen X is doing it more handsomely by holding on to a few personal possessions and being happy with that. The present generation choice of carrers is also aimed at freedom and the present generation are choosing  whatever makes them happy without thinking about the future. Following the happiness project and the  Zen philosophy we are having more musicians, artists than ever before from well educated backgrounds.  Students are taking to the arts very well. Education is giving us more clarity to do what we want out of life.  So we are focussing hard at our goals while being Zen Buddhists. Traditions are being trimmed. We are trying to focus on our essential supplies. We are holding on to technology as that is something that is helping us to move forward in a civilized way.   This broadened vision of us as Zen Buddhists is sharpening our horizon and we are marching ahead with advanced nations and making great strides.

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