Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Looking ahead.

The media and globalisation has left the world at our doorstep.  We are trying to savor more nutritious meals than before. Nutrition bars, quinoa  puffs and ragi twists. Some of us have supplemented white rice with brown rice since it has more bran. We are almost savoring spinach like Popeye. We are getting more of the good old sun and we all conscious of its good effects. We have adapted to fitness in different forms right from yoga, to Taichi. I love the  vigour that I feel when I take my ten rounds at the park everyday.  We all seem to have our bread buttered on the right side. More so with the age limit crossing the eighties it is important to keep our grey cells alive. This we can do so with playing crosswords and  sodokuTo keep Alzeimers and Dementia at bay we have to keep our brain active. We cannot depend much on the support system or the genX so it is even more important to keep ourselves mentally active. This is important as there various catches in the insurance packages. Old age homes and crèches have mushroomed everywhere but independence always helps.  So it's time to put our right food forward.

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