Sunday, 26 June 2016

Money values.

As my daughter leaves for the United States we realize we are going to be in both the continents in and about. Its been fifteen years since we left the United States. Speculations and how it is going to be living there once again. So I have been fervently catching up with friends and watching the news. A new president is certainly going to change things for the better or worse in the United States. The race between Trump and Hillary seems very interesting. Catching up with friends on what my daughter has to face when she touches home ground again. I realized things have not changed much. Out there, I would say people lead  lives of integrity, valuing money and resources. Here we seem to be utterly spoilt and our genX even more so. Americans are using their money wisely. There is no job security and so they have to put some nest egg away for the future. Culture wise we seem to be spoilt  and maybe we should think better and bring our children  to conserve the world resources so that we are unified globally in achieving the same goal. With global  recession still looming large it is important to teach our children money values.

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