Friday, 3 June 2016

My First Test Drive

Though I am a working woman, I shied away from driving; So long that even my son started talking about driving. This pushed me into action and I soon learnt driving from an institute and got my license.

I shared my husbands car for few months but soon realized I needed my own car to make my commute to office more convenient. I discussed with my husband and he promised to take me out to test drive on Sunday after lunch but wouldn't tell me which car he had in mind. I got up early on sunday and prepared coffee and breakfast for the family. While drinking coffee we decided to gout for lunch and then go for the test drive.

After lunch, we drove straight to the showroom where I was amazed by the look of Datsun-rediGO. Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback. As soon as I saw it, I said 'YES'. While my husband was talking to the salesperson I went closer and was amazed by the exterior look of the car.

It had a Yukan design. I liked the curves, the robust stance as well as its compact and sleek look. It was stylish, sporty with premium appeal. While I walked around the car looking amazed, I saw the stunning bold and classy Datsun character grille. Its chrome bezel and honeycomb pattern looked luxurious. I could feel that its stance will keep me elevated and high above others around me giving me a good view of the road and the surroundings. Its iconic headlamp design differentiates it from the other cars. The stylish tail lamps turned my head. 

While I was finishing up my walk around the car, my husband came to me and whispered. If you liked the exterior so much, wait till you see its comfort features. He was right. When I opened the door and went inside the car, I was amazed by the spacious, roomy interior as well as its comfort features. As I sat comfortably in the drivers seat and turned the ignition, I felt like driving a toy car. The drive computer provided a whole lot of information and not just the mileage. The shift indicator was telling me when to change the gear for maximum efficiency. You can't go wrong with a teacher around you. As soon as the AC was turned on, I could feel the efficiency of its large 89cc compressor by the coolness of the car.

I also liked Datsun PRO – Safe 7 features. I checked brakes and it worked smooth and had a short breaking distance. My husband explained it had reinforced crash protection shell. I understood it was crash performance compliant with UN94. We went over some bumps but the car sailed over it smoothly and I couldn't feel even the jerks. It was so well absorbed by the suspension system. I loved the easiness by which I could steer the car. I loved the test drive and literally fell in love with the car. We then paid the deposit and came home. I made some bajjis and sat down with the family in the balcony discussing my first test drive.

Where will I take it for a spin?

I would like to take this car to Ooty. This is such a compact car with a short turning radius that it will be fun to drive in the mountain slopes. When I return to Chennai, I would love to drive it in the narrow streets of the city and taking U turns in such small roads will be real fun.

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