Monday, 20 June 2016

Nature's Child.

My children spent their childhood years  playing with  Mattel toys. They played with Lego blocks, Barbie dolls and clay as we spent a few years in the United states when they were young. This has indeed fostered creativity in my children. But on second thoughts I feel children brought up to play under the sun fared a lot better. Children who are not utterly spoilt and left to play with their mates  and  simple board games seemed more competent, Teenagers who helped with the household chores and involved themselves with the family affairs and decisions certainly seemed to ace over the others.      Therefore for all round development of the child I think we should have a little bit of both. More so children of nature are more gifted and use their cognitive skills better. Teenagers  should take part in financial decisions in the family and taught the value of money. We Indian parents spoil the child. By eighteen a teenager in the United States takes care of his college expenses and also works partime. There is dignity of labour. Eyebrows are not raised if a student works in Macdonalds or in the gas station. I think it is high time we stop spoon feeding our kids and  allow them to be more independent.

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