Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Post baby boomers.

We Indians are such good parents. Right from childhood we coodle the baby and love spoiling it. Till the beginning of this century when women did not take their carrers so seriously all they did was parenting and We Indians make great parents. It started with the gripe water and cloth hammocks and goes on and on The grandmothers also join in and it is a great family affair. With carrers zooming  our parenting values have dimmed  a little and we have resorted to creches, Most carrer women have a single child. The present gen X seems even more adventurous in wanting to have no children at all. My mother fondly put away the jewellery for me. I want to pass on the coveted lego blocks and my experiences to my grandchildren. But looks like the present generation is in no hurry to create progeny. With the life expectancy crossing eighty it is important for the parents of this generation to lead fuller lives to keep themselves occupied and keep Alzheimers and Dementia at bay.      

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