Friday, 24 June 2016

Rocker Banker.

Rocker banker! That surely defines Raghuram Rajan. India is certainly going to miss his good looks and financial decisions. A man with strong leadership skills who has been a good economist. During his tenure he has been conferred the title "Governor of RBI". He has controlled inflation but speculation has been on high interest rates. The rupee has been volatile during his tenure. India will once again face the winds of change as Raghuram wants to go back to the Booth School of Business. It will certainly be hard to replace his intellect and sound decisions. The Booth school is lucky to have him back. The five thousand rupee note with Raghuram on it is a good souvenir. A man who has been truly indispensable these last few years. It's time to say " Adieu" and wish him good luck.

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