Friday, 3 June 2016

Share the Load

A boy for you, a girl for me! Donning up the boys room in blue and the girls in pink. Our society has always been so gender biased. Culture also has something to do with this. Our Indian culture always defines the woman as a soft spoken individual and the man the more adventurous and the bread winner. In the last decade with globalization we see a lot of changes in our society. With education more women opted for careers. The women are better than the male counter parts in the workplace and earned better pay packets. Women are emerging out as better leaders. At home it is important to see that there is no highhandedness and there is an environment of gender equality so that the children grow up healthy. It is easier if the family did not stick to strict gender stereotypes and every body did everything. Let the men share the laundry and other household chores equally. Let the children grow up seeing the mother as intelligent and capable of making equally good decisions as the father. When the lady of the house is late from work,the husband can keep the dinner ready. Women good at numbers can take the financial decisions. Let there be no gender bias. The person who is good at a particular chore can do it. With the women getting busier daddies can be the close confidantes of children. My husband even takes my daughter to the hair saloon without grimacing. Actually he loves doing it. When I am taking the dog for a walk he gives the cook instructions. The children discuss politics with me. With more women doing better in the workplace and exhibiting their intelligence chauvinism is slowly disappearing. That changes the whole mind set of the population and we see a lot of gender equality. The winds of change of gender equality is seen now everywhere in society. So it is very important to break stereotypes at home With education and globalization all of us are heading in the right direction and heading successfully towards gender equality. With breaking stereotypes we are going to see a very healthy generation X. By sowing the seeds of gender equality there is going to be a healthy rapport between the sexes. Technological advances and success in the board room can only be made if there is gender equality. And we are striving towards it.

Note: I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Aksharaat BlogAdda.

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