Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Happiness Project.

Every day life is becoming increasingly stressfull specially in a country like India. For the parents t stress starts from the preschool level. Admissions are hard to get in schools and we want the best for the child. In a country like India its mostly 'Survival of the Fittest'. There is competition to the core at every level. Though the country has progressed there is still issues like water scarcity which make life hard. People are falling prey to diseases like Bp and diabetes from a very young age. More so increasing levels of stress are creating mental health issues early in life. With competition being high it is also important to keep our head so that we can keep anxiety at bay. Follow the happiness project to a certain extent. Do more things that keeps you happy and stay with positive emotions. Mathieu Ricard is the worlds happiness man and asks one to deal with positive emotions so that we can keep away from medications. I think positive emotions and holistic wellness will take us far. Yoga and other forms of fitness like zumba,and, also laughter clubs can ease our every day stress. Though materialism is bringing us pleasure than ever before it is more important to find solace in human relationships.

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