Saturday, 18 June 2016

Wedding vows with a difference !

The wedding organ sounded and the bride looked beautiful in her white wedding gown. The bride walked down the aisle looking calm and composed  resting on the shoulder of her father. A beautiful ceremony that brought tears to my eyes. Than it was time to say " I do". In love, in sickness and happiness I will be by your side. That's the oath that most married couples take at the altar. For Hindus the couple are sanctified in front of the fire. In India we really take our wedding vows seriously. So far it has been a patriarchal society and the women have been peace keepers, sometimes even pawns of successful marriages. Adjustment was the key. But the twenty first century has changed all that. With gender equality marriages have already and will take on a new meaning. With education the women do not want to be doormats and they want their partners to recognize them. The couples are being very savy and are giving each other space. They even have two bank accounts, interact with different set of friends and even go on different holidays. During important decisions they join hands. This seems the trend of the day. This  may be in due course be the magic to more successful marriages. Yes it is time to say "I do" with a difference.

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