Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A penny for your smiles.

The first milestones in a child's life is very exciting. The first year right from crawling to the first tooth appearing is very exciting. Teeth are very important. We are very charmed by the smile of the person and if their teeth are perfect it is even more winsome. The last decade the Synara smile is becoming very important and everyone is  giving important to their smiles.  The bugs bunny rabbit look is being set right and parents spent a fortune to get that charming smile. The dentist office is  very savy and the perfect smile is captured under a lot of technology and glamour  looking at the computer screen. My daughter got her million dollar smile once her braces were removed after almost three long years. Other specialists at the dental office are the orthodontist and periondotists. They keep the gums clean.  Like the olden years people are not waiting for their teeth to fall and natural aging to take its own course. The educated lot are getting their teeth cleaned regularly as it is important to have healthy teeth and gums. Gum problems can lead to a host of problems right from blood pressure, heart disease to diabetes. Tooth implants are also gaining popularity as only if all your teeth are in place the face contour is perfect. So tooth cosmetictry is taking off in a big way and that Synara smile is worth a billion thoughts. 

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