Thursday, 21 July 2016

Ethnico - App Review

Technology seems to the answer to everything. Our smart phones seem to be at our beck and call and we seem to be in the era of apps. Digitization has left us with the smartphones in our palm and the apps as our heart beats. Word of mouth is becoming a echo even in the rural areas. India  being a cultural country, the festive spirit is all around the year. The ethnic spirit keeps our heritage alive and the ethnico app does just that. Ethnico  app is an android app which opens the door to many ethnic designs including mehendi, Rangoli and designer saris. We can discover the world of fashion with this cool android app. This app will be a useful download for the young who love experimenting with the nouveau. This app leaves us breathless with the wide array of designs and patterns it offers. The app helps us to discover the rich cultural heritage and makes us fall back on tradition which is beautiful and enriches the soul. The app is available in the google play store. For people leading busy lives the app is very useful specially the genx who will discover a world of color by using the app. I really developed a lot of inspiration from using this app which had a smogasboard of wonderful ethnic options right from Arabic mehendi designs, to sabyasachi saris. The app seemed to be the answer to my wedding woes. The app gave me a hint of nostalgia as it took me to tradition again which we all seem to have forgotten in these busy busy times. Using the app I went for a heritage walk that was food for my soul.  My niece had a much talked about theme wedding and she found the app very useful for all her bridal needs. All needs met at the touch of a button. Certainly technology has grown wings! The app is user friendly and a lovely bright orange in color which users will love. The areas that one can browse are mehendi, beauty and grooming, and wedding photography.  It is a free lifestyle app. It is available in the google play store. The publish date of the app is 15th July, 2016. The latest version is 3.991. The requirements are android 4.0. 3 plus.

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