Thursday, 28 July 2016

Flying High.

Since the Wright  brothers took off on their maiden voyage air travel has seen much progress. Twenty years back most of us travelled by train as air travel was expensive . The last few years we has seen a lot of progress in the field of air travel. Air travel has always come with a hint of glitz and glamour. It has always held the tag of  sophistication. The beautiful air hostesses and the other well turned aircrew always held our attention with their charm. The demeanor of the crew is to be appreciated right from their immaculate manners to the wonderful meals on wheels that are served.  I was always loved travelling by air whether it was in the United States or India. I loved watching the  instructions given by the aircrew. I loved hearing the seat belts click and looked at the emergency exit with interest. The copilots address is always an eye opener. Our gaurdians of the sky are really wonderful and have to be appreciated for carrying us safely between the clouds and across the countries. The airports runways are also places of interest as the plane gains momentum before it flies into the skies. Air travel has been the norm of the day for the past twenty years despite mishaps like the Concorde and kanishka  tragedies. Trouble in the air is always detected through the black boxes. In the recent years air travel has become a lot cheaper and we get  excellent packages. Cox and kings provides us excellent packages to the United States and Europe. With women empowerment all women crew aircrafts are becoming common. Looks like a lot of progress has been made since the wright brothers made their maiden flight at kitty Hawk North Carolina. 

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