Sunday, 3 July 2016

Is Religion losing ground?

I remember a couple of years back the much talked about affair was Lord Ganesha drinking  milk and  people all over Chennai were astounded at this marvellous feat. Our country has a culture that dates back over five  thousand years and religion has also held strong in the minds of the people. The temple culture still is seen with the scent of jasmines and slokas. But on second thoughts do I see religion and spirituality dimming a little. Traditions and religious practices at weddings are fading.  People want to lead comfortable lives and do not want to spend too much on religion. Weddings are simpler, more fun affairs with a theme and even one priest to sanctify it.  Certainly a sign of progress  and soon we may all be unified and religion may totally disappear in twenty years. Sprituality replaced by positivity may take over as people get more and more educated and Science and math take firm strides. Positivity with mind and body wellness is going to the spirit of tomorrow. 

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