Wednesday, 13 July 2016

It's time to say " Amen".

 We have always had a close connection with the British. The British rule had its impact in India. Our education system is based on the English language. Our leaders pursued their higher studies in Cambridge and Oxford. A very beautifully country with the strains of the bagpipe still humming. The big Ben still rings a bell. A country that has risen from squalour  to great heights over the last few years. The Brexit or the exit of Britain from the European Union is certainly rocking the world. The pound has depriciated badly. It may be a good time for travelling and seeing the English countryside. But academia is on the decline as most of the major Universities like Oxford  Cambrige will be affected because of  financial liability. Collaborations with the EU will be affected. Industries and Institutions with EU funding will be affected. Immigrants will have to move to greener pastures like America. The  next few months is  going to interesting as Theresa May takes office today to clear the ivy and soothe the turbulance. She is going to have a challenging task as she has make negotiations outside the EU.

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