Monday, 18 July 2016

J t'me La Puducherry

Holidays are great times to beat the blues. For most of us from Chennai one of the nearest holiday destinations to go by road is Puducherry. I really love this famous quaint town with its charming French heritage. The architecture seems so French. I loved the place for its bistros and Pattiseries.. We found the eye camp so useful and imagined life without our glasses. The eye camp attracts tourists far and wide and certainly seems productive. " Better eyesight without glasses" C'est parfait!  Though  the place was charming I was stuck by the open drains. Kiran Bedi as the new Lt Governor seems to have added a magic touch to the union territory. She like our prime minister has set her target on putting an end to open defeacating and looks like we are going get a pleasant surprise on our next trip there. Certainly a place for the lovers of art and music and we would love it more  if it was cleaner and greener. Accolades to the governor ! 

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