Friday, 15 July 2016

knowledge is Power.

Education has really opened our eyes to the world. We are a more healthier generation than our forefathers. With  Globilisation we take  in a lot from different cultures as most of  the younger generation lives abroad. So we truly are in a smorgasboard of cultures to live in harmony. We are all connoisseurs of a variety of cuisine and have adapted to haute couture like never before. Looks like all of us are going to live beyond the eighties. Health care seems to quite expensive for all of us and so we should be conscious of health issues and keep ourselves updated. In the United  States health insurance follows its own norms and we cannot choose the practioner. We have to go through the doctor allocated in the panel. So we cannot go doctor hopping like India. Since we  are all going to be avid globetrotters it is important to be more conscious so that we know the right procedures are being followed. Whether it is  home or hearth it is important to question the doctor. So even if there is less interest in Science  it is important for us to read more and keep ourselves medically updated. More so as we have specialists in every field and we do not go to one family practioner. After all " Health is Wealth". 

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