Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Gender reversal.

The twenty first century more women are being seen and heard. Hillary Clinton  is one very capable women competing equally with Trump. So much so in the world political arena. Much excitement was created with the sanctioning of three female pilots at the IAF. At home and at our very hearth women are emerging stronger and we see a lot of super women in board rooms taking the organizations well above the mark. All over their is a healthy tussle over the sexes over who is going to emerge stronger. Also homosexuality is taking over and almost becoming legal in certain parts of the world. Male or female or the same gender, the never ending tug of war. Canada seems to have taken the gender issue very well. Canada has always been a level headed and immigrant friendly nation. More so it is now under the very able leadership of  Justin Trudeau who  is considering introducing gender neutral identification cards. Women power is seen everywhere right from all women aircrafts.  The gender divide is growing wider and looks like women are soon going to be wearing the tuxedos. 

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