Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Colgate - Cut, Play and Learn with your child

It was a usual Sunday morning, I was strolling through the shopping center, and I was peeping through the glass at a convenience store when suddenly a bunch of Colgate strong teeth toothpaste boxes struck my eyes. I had known and used this tooth paste since I was young but what struck my eye was the writing on the box. “Free! Magical Sea World Inside” as well as the words “Cut, paste and learn”.

Maybe I don’t need toothpaste for now, maybe another month, but the curiosity of what is inside killed me. My daughter, 10 years old, had grown up reading and talking about Cindrella, Snow White and the mermaids.  She loves sea world, dolphins and the Killer whales, in particular. She is a bit afraid of Sea Pirates but has grown out of that fear recently. Wouldn’t it be nice to share the magical sea world with her? My imagination was going wild even before I could see what was inside. I decided to step into the shop and bought a set of tooth pastes and headed home and impatiently waited for my daughter to return from school.

My daughter returned from school, saw the tooth paste packs and screamed with joy! What a surprise for her. As soon as she freshened up, we started cutting the boxes to take out the Magical sea world. She was surprised and read out aloud all the facts that were in the packs and threw lots of questions at me. How does Puffer Fish defend itself? How many hearts that Octopus have? My quick answer of 1 was called incorrect as she read out the correct answer. We never knew how sea horse carried its egg until we cut opened the Coral Reef. When we were cutting Sea Magic we learned a lot about Sharks and Crabs. There was a lot to play and learn from the magical sea world.

While enjoying the knowledge-bytes thanks to Colgate, we also started cutting the base and the figures and started putting them together. My daughter, obviously overjoyed, became a non-stop chatterbox and started telling me about all the adventure stories she has read. I was little surprised how someone would have thought about using the box which is normally thrown out when you take the tooth paste out, to be made so interesting. Soon all the sea world creatures took up space on my dining table.

She told me about the Robinson Crusoe stories and wanted to know when we can roam about the sea like him. She told me about the shipwreck and how it helped Crusoe learn craftsmanship and built a canoe by himself. Isn’t necessity the mother of invention? She also told me about Friday and how he was saved by Crusoe.
Well I guess everyone should go-ahead and buy these packs as it helps unleash memoirs and encourage children to learn, play and tell stories. Look for the pack that says “Free! Magical Sea world Inside” and you can cut, play and learn with your child.

This blog was written for Colgate.

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