Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Colours in your Kitchen.

We are leading such fast lives. Not a moment to spare. Grabbing a bite in the morning. The women being multitaskers and carrer women are leaving the kitchen and the hearth. Of course pursuit of intellect is truly wonderful and has resulted in the uplift ment of women. But  these busy carrer women are giving low priority to the pantry and nutrition. Life has certainly become a grind but food still has to be given importance. Specially since we are going to live well above the eighties. Aging gracefully is another attraction if we eat right. So it is important to add antioxidant rich food in the table. Foods with variety and colours. Green peppers in different colours. Purple cabbage and low fat avocados  in salads. Sensible easy to eat breakfast like granola bars and fortified cereals. Millets also make meals wholesome.  So for the savy carrer women it is important to keep a well balanced pantry so that she can whisk meals in a jiffy.  Leave the mortar and pestle and go in for wholesome ready to eats. Nutrition labeling can come to the rescue for the tired carrer women to make wise choices to russel up a quick meal.  Nutritious meals and clean  kitchen will keep the family healthy. Like in the western countries it would be helpful if our food was fortified to a extent.. In the United States  I really felt good drinking my milk as it was fortified with vitamin D. If  food items were similarly fortified it will keep us healthy and it would be nutrition at the doorstep for the busy carrer women.

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