Saturday, 20 August 2016

Middle age blues.

There were times when festivals brought the families together. Cousins met. Children interacted amongst each other and played wonderful games. This was the magic behind joint families when there was food and merriment which took the drudgery of everyday life. Problems were easily solved.  The grandmother was Dr Spock with her never ending cures. With times changing and families getting smaller everyday life seems to be yawning more than ever before. Stress and depression has become more than before. More so with the younger generation exploring greener pastures the couple are left with nothing to do. So it is important for parents to keep themselves active by engaging or pursuing some old hobby. The couple can keep their romance alive. It is important to have some kind of stimulation of the intellect as we grow older to keep Alzheimers and dementia at bay. Every one seems suddenly to lead such fuller lives with no time for anyone. Artificial intelligence is making the world a smaller place and soon one on one human interaction is going to come down. We are going to share all the laughter and fun with our children on Facebook and whatsapp. So all of us have to keep ourselves engaged and be mentally healthy. Once the birds leave the nest we have to go back to our second childhood and start playing games once again. Do what you like best and cultivate your interests. 

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  1. Romancing the intellect is becoming more important than ever before to keep us healthy and happy and part of the new world.