Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Torch bearers.

Sports help in the all round development of the individual. It helps in leadership qualities and team work.  Indians have been sport lovers all through. Cricket, and football have great fan following in India. The adrenaline rush for sports has been awespiring over the years. Indians have also represented the country in the Olympics and won gold and silver. P.T Usha and Mary kom are household names. The Olympics are an International event which have always been interesting. Like in any other sport the sportsman has to undergo rigorous training. It is a physical and mental challenge for the sportsmen. They have to survive various controversaries and still win the battle. Some athletes get addicted to drugs like steroids so that they can perform well. Afterall winning is the ultimate aim in sport and this they try to achieve by all means. Women have been the highlight in many Olympics showing that strength and valour is not a male domain. Marykom's participation in the last olympics was a much applauded family event. South America home for the lovers of coffee is going to be in the limelight as the venue for the olympics. Hope the Indians with their integrity reach the stars in the Olympics at Rio.

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