Wednesday, 17 August 2016

West ward ho!

As I look at my two children I feel they have grown up all ready to fly the nest. I feel proud of them having given the best as a parent. They are children who have grown up in a mixed culture having made the best of the United states and home territory. United states gave them the time and the space to be multifaceted  with its wonderful open options right from its fun skool toys, sesame street  to the theme parks. A whole world of imagination and creativity. America also teaches a lot of independence at a very early age. I watched my daughter eat her Mac and cheese sitting all proud and tall in her high chair. The transition to home earth has made them imbibe with Indian culture and develop family values. As Indian parents we had more time with the children with the wonderful support system. I feel the children who grow up in such mixed cultures are the luckiest. Now getting to a good American university " The Statue of Liberty"  stands proud and tall welcoming them back. Standing on the green turf of the American soil they will be moulded into independent citizens and go on a wonderful  journey of self discovery. 

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