Sunday, 28 August 2016

What's in your plate!

We have always been a eating family. Gourmands. I remember my mother baking almond cake when I was seven years old and my brother and I helping her to bake it. Coming home from school we always were greeted with new dishes which were a feast for the senses. We explored food from a variety of cultures. I remember the quaint pizzas of the nineties which were just a glorified crust. Food has a wonderful healing effect if taken at the right portions and if it is digested well. While we were at the United States  we  enjoyed ourselves even more as the variety was tremendous and the thoroughfare continental with waffles, pancakes, muffins. More so food there is pocket friendly. We would be able to eat sumptuously for only100  dollars a month. Macdonalds sold fries for a mere 99 cents and the whopping burritos were just much the same. The Americas is some way the rice bowl of the world as food seems so pocket friendly. Here at home it still seems expensive and with rising prices the poor are not able to eat well and falling to a host of diseases. The working class have to educate themselves on what is best, nutritious and cheap. Amma's canteen is something that seems to be reasonable and within the reach of the poor. The government should make provisions so that we are able to eat a balanced fare at reasonable cost so that health care costs  are kept to a minimum. 

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  1. Our taste buds and the aphrodisiac effects of food.