Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Love and Marriage.

We all live in a strange world. We interact with a lot of people of different cultures.  Marriage is more so a gamble as we have to live in close proximity with a person who from a complete different culture. Only few people may be lucky to tie the knot with a person of similar taste and intellect . The partners are mostly incompatible. Arranged marriages are made in haste. Till the present these arranged  marriages are result of confused parents. The present generation is reacting with more fire through divorces and trips to the pshychiatrist. But this involves lots of heartbrake and sometimes a whole lifetime is wasted. To make marriages work and keep a cool demeanor it is important to have a sense of humor and remain unruffled through thick and thin. It is also important to be positive and keep light hearted. Also learn to tell white lies as it may ultimately save the day instead of going loggerheads though it may seem old fashioned. The women also have to be more educated so that they are not victims. All this can end in more happier endings with children who are happier and are more resourceful as they are product of happier parents.

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