Saturday, 29 October 2016

Have we progressed at all ?

Deepavali is certainly a wonderful festival celebrated with much pomp and joy. Lakshmi Pooja is also done where we pay reverence to the god of wealth. Women in India according to the old scriptures are believed to be the incarment of goddes Lakshmi. But despite all this and the modern attributes of gender equality do we really treat our Women with reverence. This is a big question?Women today are still used as pawns and cheated by men. Despite feminism and women trying to come up in society there are so much bottlenecks she has to face. More so religion and politics also do not give much rights to women. We have only so far provided e toilets and free sanitary knapkins for the uplift ment of women. But otherwise it is still a big struggle for women to come up in society as they have to battle against male dominance and egos at every step. In  Asian countries women still are in the lower strata compared to western countries. Being a women is still trying in these modern times. 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Footprints in the sands of time

The Indian woman! As I see the savy women folk in India I see how much the Indian women have evolved. Exposure has taken her out of the hearth and we see her in multifaceted roles. Women seem to be excelling in all fields over their male counterparts. Feminism is taking a strong hold. The Indian women no longer wants to be femme fatale but wants to be independent and wants to be a mix of beauty and brains. I really love the Indian women folk of today. So savy, independent and poised. Marriage has taken the threshold and they want to prove their mettle. They seem to make such good entrepreneurs. There seems to to be a fair amount of brain drain with the lot of  women going abroad nd proving heir mark. Young women are no longer tied to mama's aprong strings and make their own intelligent decisions. With this the family ties seem weak and the parents will have to keep th
emselves busy with younger generation being independent. They will have to think  of new ways to keep themselves  occupied. In last twenty years we have seen so much transition and with more nuclear families we all have to think with a fresh conscience with so much changes happening in society. 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Second Thoughts.

Times  have certainly changed. Moving on in the twenty first century I see some radical changes in the society we live in. A lot of gender equality. Education is certainly erasing the demarcation between the sexes. Of course with gender equality there is also a sort of tug of war amongst the sexes.
Well who is going to emerge stronger? I kinda believe in the survival of the fittest. People with greater clarity of thought are definitely going to emerge stronger. This can only be brought about with education, and exposure through emotional intelligence. So the education system in the country has to be strengthened at the basic level with a lot of practical experience. The rote system of education has to be abandoned and the quota system which distributes too much favours to backward classes has to take a back seat. The quota system is bringing a lot of phony professionals which are hindering the progress of the country. Professional colleges should aim at taking the brightest with quota taking a back seat. Than only can we see more progress and be in par with the other nations. I think we have as a nation strived enough in the uplift ment of the masses and now it's time to wake up.