Saturday, 22 October 2016

Footprints in the sands of time

The Indian woman! As I see the savy women folk in India I see how much the Indian women have evolved. Exposure has taken her out of the hearth and we see her in multifaceted roles. Women seem to be excelling in all fields over their male counterparts. Feminism is taking a strong hold. The Indian women no longer wants to be femme fatale but wants to be independent and wants to be a mix of beauty and brains. I really love the Indian women folk of today. So savy, independent and poised. Marriage has taken the threshold and they want to prove their mettle. They seem to make such good entrepreneurs. There seems to to be a fair amount of brain drain with the lot of  women going abroad nd proving heir mark. Young women are no longer tied to mama's aprong strings and make their own intelligent decisions. With this the family ties seem weak and the parents will have to keep th
emselves busy with younger generation being independent. They will have to think  of new ways to keep themselves  occupied. In last twenty years we have seen so much transition and with more nuclear families we all have to think with a fresh conscience with so much changes happening in society. 

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