Thursday, 13 October 2016

Second Thoughts.

Times  have certainly changed. Moving on in the twenty first century I see some radical changes in the society we live in. A lot of gender equality. Education is certainly erasing the demarcation between the sexes. Of course with gender equality there is also a sort of tug of war amongst the sexes.
Well who is going to emerge stronger? I kinda believe in the survival of the fittest. People with greater clarity of thought are definitely going to emerge stronger. This can only be brought about with education, and exposure through emotional intelligence. So the education system in the country has to be strengthened at the basic level with a lot of practical experience. The rote system of education has to be abandoned and the quota system which distributes too much favours to backward classes has to take a back seat. The quota system is bringing a lot of phony professionals which are hindering the progress of the country. Professional colleges should aim at taking the brightest with quota taking a back seat. Than only can we see more progress and be in par with the other nations. I think we have as a nation strived enough in the uplift ment of the masses and now it's time to wake up.

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