Saturday, 26 November 2016

A space Holiday.

As monotony sets in holidays are becoming important stress busters. As man becomes more and more adventurous, space has also become a sought after holiday destination.Space missions to Mars are already been planned excitedly. One never imagined that almost forty seven years after Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, we would explore other planets and set camp. It's been all euphoria and excitement for NASA scientists after traces of water were found in the red planet. People are already booking themselves on the much talked about space holiday which costs 35 billion for a return twenty month flight. The holiday promises adventure treks to canyons, rock climbing and sun kissed beaches. It's seems dreamlike to imagine ourselves in the red planet lounging in Lilo chairs with sunscreens of SPF 5000. A lot of progress has been made and soon it will be just like travelling to a nearby country.

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