Monday, 7 November 2016

Election fever.

On the eve of the elections in America I can feel a lot of excitement. The United States tops as the best and most immigrant friendly nations. Since the ninteen sixties it has grown and is a prosperous nation today. The topography and the terrain is great. The states that form the United States, each have a wonderful skyline. The architectural splendour is marvellous. There has been tremendous progress since vast numbers of immigrants trotted in. The universities are great and some of the best scholars are from these universities. There is not much gender bias and women have equal power. So around the world we are all awaiting with bated breath as to which party is going to win. It seems to be a close race. The country has seen some fine presidents and First Ladies. People will have to cast their votes with presence of mind so that they will once again have a wise leader.

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  1. The world is awaiting with bated breath with the United States going to the Polls on November 8 th.