Monday, 28 November 2016

I love cars.

The automotive industry is certainly thriving. Cars are becoming an important possession of the common man. Certain countries are well connected by good transport system like Europe. In the United States where distances are vast cars are a necessary and coveted possession. Used cars are very common. And autodealerships are as common as apple pie. When I was a new immigrant in the United States the autodealerships were our favourite haunt on many a sunny day. I loved the autodealerships with their shiny cars. We would trudge along the vast expanse and examine the  cars with interest. GM, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota are the most prided dealerships in the United States. These dealerships offer excellent employment opportunities to a lot of young men. The friendly work environment and perks make it an exciting place to work. Some of the most talked about dealerships are built like theme parks. Used cars an all American concept and a pride of these dealerships are becoming more common.

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