Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Well done America!

The United States has voted an able leader in Donald Trump, a man of many admirable qualities. A dashing man in his seventies who has a clean slate and is against drugs. He also seems like a religious man. Some spirituality always sharpens ethics and makes a better human. He seems to be a crusader of illegal immigration and against rapists and we will see a better America with less horrendous crimes. The world is seeing a lot of drug addiction and we need a wise leader to take us through and see a better world. He is cited as one of the richest men in Forbes. His presidential campaign is almost self funded and thus we see a honest man in not whiling away public money. His campaign has been very economical. Our young folk will once again learn the value of a dollar saved. This is important as we see the world resources diminishing. We are waiting with bated breath for this able leader to take the oath in jan 2017 and take the world by storm.

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