Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Are we losing the human touch?

The internet era took our lives twenty five years back. E mails took over the postman. Waats App ing has changed over our lives. Less conversations over the telephone. We have all become like zombies glued to our smartphones. Less warmth, less family interaction. The world is becoming an easier place to live with wifi connectivity everywhere. A flick of the button on the smartphone is the answer to most things. But is this making us lonely. The young do not also interact with the adults and leading private secret lives. All of us should be more level headed and not so enamoured with internet era. Technology taking over our lives is to make our lives simpler but let there be more human interaction. 

Monday, 19 December 2016

The New woman of Today.

In olden times women were always considered the weaker sex. Males dominated over the female sex because they were more powerful. In India and other Asian countries marriages of convenience were common where women were used as pawns. Despite bringing lot of dowry women were still harrassed. Marriage plots were also common. Education has resulted in the empowerment of women. With the twenty first century saw the rise of a lot of carrer women. Women who broke the age old stereo type. A new saga has emerged with women whose emotional health is much stronger. Who believe they can be independent without the shackles of marriage. With financial independence the women is emerging more independent than ever before. In countries like China more and more women are enjoying their independence and staying single. 

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Stop confusing the mind.

Going to the psychiatrist is a new tradition which is also picking up in India. How many people really understand what is counselling. It is a totally new concept. How many people really lay down the facts on the table. Indians are still very reserved and do not lay down the facts and are getting medicated for a lot of wrong issues. The concept is still very new. Unless necessary one should not go to the psychiatrist. Medicine still is very confusing and psychiatry more so. People who are generally confused should not be allowed to go to the psychiatrist as they will be confusing the psychiatrist and confusing themselves with wrong medications and putting the family and the children in trouble. Psychiatrists are supposed to deal with human emotions and wrong counselling can put every one in distress. The whole aspect of Psychiatry is lost. I think psychiatrists should not deal with confused individuals. Better to send confused individuals away.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

The December Fest.

I love the cold December air. Time for the music Kutcheri's. The music Kutcheri's bring out the dance and music talent of the season. Our culture is almost 5000 years and music and dance have always kept us enthralled. New talent is also brought out in the music season. The pancharatna Kirtanai's at the thyagaraja festival at tiruvarur is sang with much gusto. The strains of the " Jagadanandakararaka " are still heard. The priya sisters, Nithya shree Mahadevan are still holding us enthralled. Dancers like Vijanthimala Bali and Shobana are also still keeping us entranced. There is no age limit for the arts and it keeps us mentally young for ever. The ethnic splendour of the arts is still kept alive and all Asians are getting together and keeping our culture alive even in the west with the cultural fest like the ones in Cleveland.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Leading Fuller lives.

Globilisation is making us lead busy lives. We are under stress and people are falling prey to a lot of mental health issues. Life is becoming a lot more competitive. Mental issues like depression, Obessive compulsive disorder, Alzeimer's and  Dementia are becoming common. In the olden days these issues  bounced off pretty well as people acted as sole therapy. Food and comfort helped us to bounce back. All of us are leading lonelier lives since the concept of nuclear families came over. Most family problems are solved by the visit to the Psychiatrist. Other than counselling new ways of treating mental issues are becoming common. Virtual  reality is becoming common in treating Dementia and Alzeimer's patients. FMri is also used to measure brain activity and evaluate how our brain reacts to excercise, gaming and other activities like drug addiction. With these new techniques solving mental issues will be easier and people will lead fuller lives.

Are we becoming more mechanised?

We seem to be technologically very advanced. We seem to be having gadgets for all our daily uses. We are leading a life of comfort. Vaccuum cleaners have replaced the broom even in Asian countries. Smartphones have taken over our lives than ever before. The internet era is making us more technology savy. Robotics is also taking over. Soon we will be having robots taking over the household chores. Hospitals are also using robotics in a big way. In surgeries also robots are helping in a bigway. As life gets more and more complicated we are going to be helped more and more by these robots. Life is going to be more mechanised but that's the way it is going to be.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reading as a hobby.

Books. They always make an impression. In the seventies it was the Enidblytons, Nancy Drew series and the secret sevens. We loved the midnight parties and detective stories. Archie and Jug head were American stories with the Hamburgers and Beach parties. Whether Archie was going to get Veronica or Betty seemed to our question. Titin and Obliex were the American slapstick again. Reading helps to destress and gives imagination to our lives.  A good hobby to cultivate. Some hobby so that we relax. Lately for the past few years it is the Harry Potter mania that is rocking the readers with its witch craft and wizardy. It's exciting that it has been decided to include it in the school curriculum. A lot of young readers are excited about this. This will certainly be a change from Shakespeare. 

Global food outlets.

Nutritious food is very important in our lives. Some of us are fabulous cooks. Some of us have time to cook and some of us don't. The present generation is doing a sensible thing instead of relaying on cooks. They are all eating out. The fast food joints are really picking up at an amazing speed. Globilisation has left us with many fast food enterprises. Pizza Hut , Subway, KFC  are all the enterprises that have given us global cuisine. Italian cuisine like pasta is becoming famous. Lasagne and ravioli is becoming a great favorite. We love our beverages. Star Bucks has also opened an outlet in Asia. We love  the coffee brewed through them. The cafe coffee days are also wonderful outlets. The Capaccino's and Cafe Latte's are also wonderful. The brownies are also wonderful and wonderful hors des oeuvres. These global cuisine outlets have better sanitation and better ambiance making it a great meeting place for people. Food seems to be a great comforter and the food courts in every mall are attracting young and old alike. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

Chatter at the dinner table.

Every person is seeing a pshycatrist these days. There seems to be a lot of stress. Antidepressants are the order of the day in increasing the dopamine and serotonin levels. Family therapy is disappearing as we see more women having carrers. Nuclear families seem to be the order of the day and no one has time for each other. Do we have time to chat or sit together at the dinner table. No quality family time or fun board games. As families are growing apart psychological problems are on the rise. Children fall into depression in the school days. We are quite American in taking even bed wetting seriously. Our anthropology has totally changed with times. It's time to start family therapy at home with more interaction. How long to have antidepressants? Try to increase the serotonin levels with family chatter and comfort and mom's cooking. Grandmother's tales are soothing with family bravery as to how we got off a difficult relationship or a marvellous endeavour. Successful family stories are great serotonin boosters. It's shocking to know that every family seems to be visiting the Pshychtriatist. Get your brain examined by somebody?  Why not use your brain to destress? We never reveal the actual problem so the therapy is never perfect. Time to change once again how society is thinking and do it the old fashioned way. Creativity helps also. Encourage more extracurricular when children are young and at middle age adults need to handle their hobbies seriously so that we do not get Alzeimers and Dementia.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

A changing world.

Our horizons have really broadened. Our thinking has become more diverse. Globilisation is certainly having it's effects.Our outlook on education has widened. Medicine and engineering is losing it's charm. Medicine seems to be a dream for most students twenty years back and it's no longer rosy. The cost of the education itself is too high. Moreover it does not payback finally. The status quo attached with medicine and engineering is fast disappearing. For science graduates bio tech seems to be the favorite and pathway to easy earning. Advertising seems to be a favorite. Creative jobs like content writing is on the rise. Musicians are on the rise. The other day I met a friend who said her son was off to Bollywood and seemed quite happy about it. Twenty years ago such an attitude would have raised eyebrows. As for us Asians, education achieved through means of the four R's was the ultimate aim in life. Now being happy in the carrers of your choice seems to be the trend. Being happy and living in the present seems to be the goal. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Each one for himself.

Raising a child is never a easy task. The first school thing we think is the school. As much as the parents the school is where the first learning begins. Montessori schools is where there is a lot of independent thinking. Other than schools the children can also be raised independently at home. Independence will only help in encouraging thinking in the child. Asian parents spoon feed the child. Parents should involve the child in the day to day activities. They can help the parents in making day to day decisions. Decisions in finance can be made at the dinner table so that children can also know money matters. Logical thinking can thus be encouraged. More time with peers can make the child know how the world is. It's time to raise children more independently. Joint families are giving away. Old age is going to be a lonely affair. More time so to think in a novel way and to be brought up by similar values.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Parenting skills.

Parenting poses many challenges in the world of today. From the preschool years children have to be nurtured. In this competitive world they should find a place. Parents should bring up the children carefully when they are young as they are very sensitive. Montessori system of education helps the children to grow independently. Parents are very adventurous and the new parents are into more innovative  methods of bringing up kids like allowing them to play with Lego blocks and puzzles. Multitalent and multitasking is the focus to bring out the creativity of the child. The toys are also very much out of this world. Some of the toys focus on issues like gender and educate the child. Some truly educational toys seem to be creating a difference in the lives of the children. When the children grow up drug abuse is another concern. Drug abuse starts from the school level. Sexual curiosity starts from the school years and proper sex education should be imparted so that the children do not get into unwanted pregnancies. Parenting is not having babies but a lot more than that and we have to make sure that the children grow up safe and are able to manage independently in this world of today.