Sunday, 4 December 2016

A changing world.

Our horizons have really broadened. Our thinking has become more diverse. Globilisation is certainly having it's effects.Our outlook on education has widened. Medicine and engineering is losing it's charm. Medicine seems to be a dream for most students twenty years back and it's no longer rosy. The cost of the education itself is too high. Moreover it does not payback finally. The status quo attached with medicine and engineering is fast disappearing. For science graduates bio tech seems to be the favorite and pathway to easy earning. Advertising seems to be a favorite. Creative jobs like content writing is on the rise. Musicians are on the rise. The other day I met a friend who said her son was off to Bollywood and seemed quite happy about it. Twenty years ago such an attitude would have raised eyebrows. As for us Asians, education achieved through means of the four R's was the ultimate aim in life. Now being happy in the carrers of your choice seems to be the trend. Being happy and living in the present seems to be the goal. 

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