Saturday, 3 December 2016

Each one for himself.

Raising a child is never a easy task. The first school thing we think is the school. As much as the parents the school is where the first learning begins. Montessori schools is where there is a lot of independent thinking. Other than schools the children can also be raised independently at home. Independence will only help in encouraging thinking in the child. Asian parents spoon feed the child. Parents should involve the child in the day to day activities. They can help the parents in making day to day decisions. Decisions in finance can be made at the dinner table so that children can also know money matters. Logical thinking can thus be encouraged. More time with peers can make the child know how the world is. It's time to raise children more independently. Joint families are giving away. Old age is going to be a lonely affair. More time so to think in a novel way and to be brought up by similar values.

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