Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Global food outlets.

Nutritious food is very important in our lives. Some of us are fabulous cooks. Some of us have time to cook and some of us don't. The present generation is doing a sensible thing instead of relaying on cooks. They are all eating out. The fast food joints are really picking up at an amazing speed. Globilisation has left us with many fast food enterprises. Pizza Hut , Subway, KFC  are all the enterprises that have given us global cuisine. Italian cuisine like pasta is becoming famous. Lasagne and ravioli is becoming a great favorite. We love our beverages. Star Bucks has also opened an outlet in Asia. We love  the coffee brewed through them. The cafe coffee days are also wonderful outlets. The Capaccino's and Cafe Latte's are also wonderful. The brownies are also wonderful and wonderful hors des oeuvres. These global cuisine outlets have better sanitation and better ambiance making it a great meeting place for people. Food seems to be a great comforter and the food courts in every mall are attracting young and old alike. 

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