Friday, 9 December 2016

Leading Fuller lives.

Globilisation is making us lead busy lives. We are under stress and people are falling prey to a lot of mental health issues. Life is becoming a lot more competitive. Mental issues like depression, Obessive compulsive disorder, Alzeimer's and  Dementia are becoming common. In the olden days these issues  bounced off pretty well as people acted as sole therapy. Food and comfort helped us to bounce back. All of us are leading lonelier lives since the concept of nuclear families came over. Most family problems are solved by the visit to the Psychiatrist. Other than counselling new ways of treating mental issues are becoming common. Virtual  reality is becoming common in treating Dementia and Alzeimer's patients. FMri is also used to measure brain activity and evaluate how our brain reacts to excercise, gaming and other activities like drug addiction. With these new techniques solving mental issues will be easier and people will lead fuller lives.

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