Friday, 2 December 2016

Parenting skills.

Parenting poses many challenges in the world of today. From the preschool years children have to be nurtured. In this competitive world they should find a place. Parents should bring up the children carefully when they are young as they are very sensitive. Montessori system of education helps the children to grow independently. Parents are very adventurous and the new parents are into more innovative  methods of bringing up kids like allowing them to play with Lego blocks and puzzles. Multitalent and multitasking is the focus to bring out the creativity of the child. The toys are also very much out of this world. Some of the toys focus on issues like gender and educate the child. Some truly educational toys seem to be creating a difference in the lives of the children. When the children grow up drug abuse is another concern. Drug abuse starts from the school level. Sexual curiosity starts from the school years and proper sex education should be imparted so that the children do not get into unwanted pregnancies. Parenting is not having babies but a lot more than that and we have to make sure that the children grow up safe and are able to manage independently in this world of today.

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