Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reading as a hobby.

Books. They always make an impression. In the seventies it was the Enidblytons, Nancy Drew series and the secret sevens. We loved the midnight parties and detective stories. Archie and Jug head were American stories with the Hamburgers and Beach parties. Whether Archie was going to get Veronica or Betty seemed to our question. Titin and Obliex were the American slapstick again. Reading helps to destress and gives imagination to our lives.  A good hobby to cultivate. Some hobby so that we relax. Lately for the past few years it is the Harry Potter mania that is rocking the readers with its witch craft and wizardy. It's exciting that it has been decided to include it in the school curriculum. A lot of young readers are excited about this. This will certainly be a change from Shakespeare. 

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