Saturday, 17 December 2016

Stop confusing the mind.

Going to the psychiatrist is a new tradition which is also picking up in India. How many people really understand what is counselling. It is a totally new concept. How many people really lay down the facts on the table. Indians are still very reserved and do not lay down the facts and are getting medicated for a lot of wrong issues. The concept is still very new. Unless necessary one should not go to the psychiatrist. Medicine still is very confusing and psychiatry more so. People who are generally confused should not be allowed to go to the psychiatrist as they will be confusing the psychiatrist and confusing themselves with wrong medications and putting the family and the children in trouble. Psychiatrists are supposed to deal with human emotions and wrong counselling can put every one in distress. The whole aspect of Psychiatry is lost. I think psychiatrists should not deal with confused individuals. Better to send confused individuals away.

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