Thursday, 15 December 2016

The December Fest.

I love the cold December air. Time for the music Kutcheri's. The music Kutcheri's bring out the dance and music talent of the season. Our culture is almost 5000 years and music and dance have always kept us enthralled. New talent is also brought out in the music season. The pancharatna Kirtanai's at the thyagaraja festival at tiruvarur is sang with much gusto. The strains of the " Jagadanandakararaka " are still heard. The priya sisters, Nithya shree Mahadevan are still holding us enthralled. Dancers like Vijanthimala Bali and Shobana are also still keeping us entranced. There is no age limit for the arts and it keeps us mentally young for ever. The ethnic splendour of the arts is still kept alive and all Asians are getting together and keeping our culture alive even in the west with the cultural fest like the ones in Cleveland.

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